Image credit: Deccan Chronicle

I’ve scanned the latest news and updates in the social media world and here are the most important changes I’ve come across this week:

Successful social media campaign: #140Years

  • Warburtons (renowned British baking firm) celebrates its 140th anniversary with the launch of a Twitter campaign.
  • Users are being given the chance to win £140 every day by completing a challenge using emoji-based clues.
  • The campaign tells the brand’s story and uses emojis of key stakeholders, including the current chairman.

In other social media news…


Facebook’s bid for world domination with drones

  • ‘Project Aquila’ is Facebook’s new plan to connect the developing world with the developed world.
  • Facebook bought British business Ascenta a few years ago (based in Somerset), which creates solar-powered drones and the owner is now running Project Aquila.
  • The project involves solar-powered aircraft flying above remote places for months at a time to give out an internet connection.


Twitter opens its blue tick to all users

  • The blue tick verification once reserved for celebs and high profile users has now been opened to all account holders.
  • Twitter now invites all users to apply for the authentication badge.
  • For it to be verified, Twitter must consider the account to be ‘of public interest’ and the user applying must provide phone number, website, address and allow public tweets.