Photo credit: Independent

Successful social media campaign from Kopparberg

  • The cider brand has used Facebook advertising in an innovative way this week. Video spots are increasingly ‘silent’ on Facebook with users choosing to ignore them.
  • Instead, the brand rewards users who listen with the chance to win a limited edition cider. Users have to comment below the video with the words ‘I hear you,’ to highlight they have paid attention the video advert.

 In other social media news…

‘Inkwell’ Instagram filter linked to depression

  • Researchers from Harvard and the University of Vermont have revealed that the ‘Inkwell’ Instagram filter links to depression.
  • Inkwell is a black and white filter.
  • Observing over 160 individual Instagram accounts, the researchers found a correlation between certain colours, filters and subjects,
  • Could Instagram photos be a future means of screening for mental illness?

Twitter’s Promoted Stickers

  • A new report has revealed that Twitter sets a $500,000 asking price for brands wishing to run Promoted Stickers ad campaigns.
  • Brands can buy their own Promoted Stickers, with Pepsi quickly do so.

Shared WhatsApp data

  • WhatsApp will begin to share data with Facebook and companies will soon be able to send messages to users.
  • The popular messaging app is making the first change to its privacy policy since 2014.