Have you seen that Shell is enlisting celebrities like Pixie Lott and Jennifer Hudson in its latest campaign to promote conversation about the future of the energy industry? The campaign is millennial-focused and the celebrities involved are helping to promote Shell’s credentials.

Twitter removes Vine video service

Twitter announced today that it is closing Vine down after four years since it launched. Vine permitted users to share six-second looping video clips. No reason has been given for its closure, but we suspect it’s because Twitter has launched its own video facility and acquired Periscope since buying Vine and therefore could feel it’s no longer needed.

Pinterest launches Pin Collective

In an attempt to further match brands with content creators, Pinterest has launched ‘Pin Collective,’ a handpicked group of online influencers, publishers and production companies that aims to help brands to create more effective and actionable pins. This comes in the same year as Pinterest has launched Promoted Pins and Promoted Videos.