Successful Social Media

  • Twitter have been live streaming all of the presidential debates as they take place in the US. Viewing figures rose by 30% between the first and second debates, and the live commentary has provided an idea of which candidate is best received.
  • On desktop the stream was accompanied by a feed of users tweeting with #debatenight allowing everyone to see real time reactions to what they are watching all in one place.
  • Their latest stats show that 70% of users hear their news first through Twitter before hearing it anywhere else.

In other social media news…

Facebook Live murder mystery

  • UKTV Channel Alibi hosted an hour long murder mystery over Facebook Live called ‘Framed’. “What would you do if you found yourself locked in a room with a dead body, and only an hour to solve the crime before you got framed for the murder yourself?”
  • Escape Room style experiences have become more and more popular, bring it to computer screens makes the experience accessible to a much wider audience and UKTV tested the idea over the summer with the hashtag #Twurder
  • Viewers watched through the eyes of a security guard and the on-screen action was controlled by audience comments, and voting in polls as to what should happen next.

Twitter’s advertising offering to expand

  • Twitter are constantly developing ways in which they can improve their offering for advertisers, and entice new ones to using the platform.
  • The development of Twitter Moments allows companies to curate their own news – you may have seen it yesterday on the Bournemouth Echo Twitter feed, highlighting the most read stories of the day.
  • Twitter plans to make their live video feature more accessible to users, and addressing complaints that it is not easy for users to discover what’s currently happening. The platform serves video content through Periscope, which does offer browsing of streams, but there is currently no way to see this all within Twitter.


Picture from CBS News