Successful Social Media

  • #marmitegate caused a storm this week, arguably one of the biggest stories of Brexit so far, Unilever put up their prices and Tesco were having none of it causing Marmite, Ben & Jerry’s, PG Tips and many more to be temporarily unavailable on the retailer’s website.
  • Prices were set to rise by 10% and Twitter did what it does best – here’s a BBC article of the highlights
  • Despite Tesco giving in (thank goodness), #marmitegate has been cashed in on by the Daily Mail today, offering a free giant jar from Iceland for every reader.


In other social media news…

Nationwide targets teens

  • Advertising on Tumblr usually goes down like a lead balloon with their devoted users, they’re very protective of the culture and are adverse to any changes on the platform, especially when it involves advertisers.
  • So Nationwide set up a Tumblr account to target the 13 – 24 year olds. Their aim is to help promote the ‘Moneystuff’ campaign – designed to explain various financial issues to young people as so many are worried about their finances in this day and age.
  • Having recently launched this month there are no clear cut results yet, but it’ll be interesting to see how the account is received once it starts getting noticed by users.

Snapchat urges marketers to be more creative

  • Snap Inc.’s general manager Claire Valoti has highlighted research this week that shows brands are not making the most of advertising on the platform.
  • Adverts are still considered to be interrupting the mobile experience as opposed to enhancing it.
  • Snapchat’s latest figures are: 10 million daily active users, 50/50 gender split, 77% of users are over aged 18.

And in lighter news…

  • It’s #WinnieThePooh day! The honey-loving bear is celebrating his 90th birthday today, the original bear given to Christopher Robin on his first birthday was purchased in August 1921 before becoming star of the show.


Picture courtesy of BBC