Unsuccessful(?) Social Media

  • Earlier in the week Kim Kardashian was robbed and held up at gun point in Paris and a reported £9m of jewellery was stolen.
  • Critics highlighted that she made herself a target by showing off on social media, earlier on in the night she was robbed her Snapchats showed a ring that husband Kanye West had given her (valued at £3.m)
  • Kim herself has agrees with the critics and is going to ‘take a month off work’ to re-evaluate the way she displays her fortune.
  • This has long been an issue up for discussion as many insurance companies check out social media for people posting when they are out of the house as this would highlight the premises is vacant and an easy target for thieves.

In other social media news…

Hanging out together online

  • In 2014 Facebook purchased virtual reality company Oculus and have now revealed what they’ve been developing with it.
  • They have created ‘Oculus Avatars’ – allowing up to eight people to virtually meet online in whatever setting they’d like (it can be designed like a real meeting room, or you can all meet on the side of a fictional mountain). The headsets can even mimic facial expressions and hand gestures through a series of sensors and the avatars will mimic this on screen.
  • Will meetings of the future from the comfort of our own homes instead of commuting to the office each day?

Fake Instagram highlights social issues

  • Louise Delage has gathered over 66,000 followers since creating her profile in August and her pictures receive hundreds of likes.
  • A video montage was posted at the end of September with all of her pictures, with the running theme that in almost every one she’s holding a drink.
  • The profile was created by French agency BETC to highlight their campaign ‘Like my addiction’ – designed to raise awareness of alcoholism among young people, and how hard it can be to detect addiction in someone close to you.
  • Over the length of the campaign support service Addict Aide saw five times the amount of traffic on their site.

And in lighter news…

  • It’s #WorldSmileDay so go forth, be happy and enjoy all the happy animal pictures the internet has to offer


Image from youtube.com