Successful social media : Snaplytics is launched!

  • Snapchat has now launched a new influencer tracking platform which tracks and measures Snapchat channels to provide data on how many users looked at a snapchat story and for how long.
  • Brands, agencies and influencers can assess and optimise their stories to ensure the best coverage.
  • This severely reduces the time that it currently takes to produce these analytics.

In other social media news…

Instagram introduces ‘save draft’ feature.

  • The new feature lets you save your changes on a photo and come back to it later to upload.
  • Anyone managing brand accounts may benefit from the update as it would allow them to save several posts and upload them throughout the day.
  • Users have so far responded positively to the minor but useful change.

‘Does quitting social media make you happier?’

  • Studies have shown that many young people may now be ditching Facebook with 11 million teenagers leaving the social media platform between 2011 and 2014.
  • There has been evidence to suggest that teens are changing to more private social platforms such as snapchat and WhatsApp.