With a trio of Jaguar Land Rover diesel-powered SUVs recently awarded top marks in a new independent emissions test, Westover Jaguar Land Rover is urging drivers to ignore the common misconception that all diesel cars are ‘dirty’ vehicles.


Jaguar Land Rover is the first car maker to put its cars to the test with the AIR Index, an independent on-road emissions testing procedure, which found that Jaguar Land Rover diesel models have some of the lowest nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions of any car on sale today.


The AIR Index was devised to provide easy to understand data regarding vehicles’ NOx emissions, and two-litre diesel versions of the Jaguar E-PACE, Land Rover Discovery Sport and the Range Rover Evoque were put through the test and all achieved the highest ‘A’ rating.  This rating acknowledges that all three vehicles were under the 80 milligrams per kilometre of nitrogen oxides limit set out by current legislation.


AIR Index testing is carried out on at least two independently sourced cars with portable emission measurement system (PEMS) equipment recording on-road driving in towns and cities. For a result to be considered acceptable for rating in the AIR Index there must be at least five, 10 kilometre trips completed during three separate journeys on at least two matching vehicles.


Mark Whittam, group operations director at the Westover Group, says: “There is a common misconception that all diesel cars are big heavy dirty vehicles.  The diesel engine has come a long way in the last few years and it is important for drivers to note that current diesel engines are some of the cleanest produced, as the results of these tests highlight.  Improved diesel engine technologies mean that not only are modern diesel engine nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions comparable to a petrol engine, but high-mileage motorists will find economy is better and CO2 is lower.”


Mark adds: “At Westover Jaguar land Rover we advise our consumers that before purchasing any vehicle they take into consideration their usual driving habits.  Diesel engines are more efficient on longer journeys and at higher speeds.”


To book a test drive and experience the Jaguar E-PACE, Land Rover Discovery Sport and the Range Rover Evoque please telephone 01202 462222 or for Westover Land Rover in Salisbury telephone 01722 414400 or visit www.westovergroup.co.uk/jaguar.


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