Two Cheltenham-based companies are working together to ensure landfill waste is kept to a minimum.

The popular clothing brand, Weird Fish, has been working with Printwaste, a certified waste management company, for over 10 years. Printwaste helps Weird Fish recycle its office materials, including cardboard, polythene and paper and ultimately helps the company to reduce its plastic waste.

In 2016, Printwaste launched a new service in Gloucestershire collecting non-recyclable, black bag general waste and sending this for Waste to Energy as opposed to the usual route of landfill. Weird Fish was one of Printwaste’s first clients signed up to use this new service.

In January 2018, Printwaste issued Weird Fish with a certificate to acknowledge its ‘Zero to Landfill’ achievement. The certificate stated that in 2017, Weird Fish diverted 4.059 tonnes of general waste from landfill from its head office in Cheltenham. Following a waste-to-energy route, this would generate enough energy to boil 26,383 kettles and make 211,064 cups of tea or coffee.

John Stockton, managing director at Weird Fish, commented: “Being environmentally sustainable is important to us and we are very pleased with the work carried out by Printwaste. Wherever possible, we want to give back to the community we live and work in. Printwaste helps us optimise our efficiency and performance, so that we can continue to grow and evolve as a company.”

Geoff Quayle, sales director at Printwaste, commented: “We’ve been working with Weird Fish for over 10 years and were very proud to recently present them with their ‘Zero to Landfill’ achievement certificate.

“Weird Fish continues to recycle its waste wherever possible and we are delighted to work alongside them in this.”

Weird Fish clothing is available to buy nationally from Weird Fish retail stores and online. There are 13 branded stores and stockists include Debenhams, Cotswold Outdoor, Haskins and Blacks Leisure.

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