The south’s biggest radio station, Wave 105, has officially made the history books. Guinness World Recordshas confirmed that presenter Simon Clarke’s attempt to carry out the longest underwater live radio broadcast has now been recorded officially on its database.

The afternoon presenter managed to record his show live for five hours and six minutes underwater from the Andark Diving Centre in Southampton. To spend more than five hours underwater is no mean feat for anyone, but especially for Simon as he overcame a fear of water at the start of the year by having swimming lessons.

A representative from Guinness World Records, Damian Field, said: “It’s hard to believe that until recently Simon Clarke had a fear of water! This is a fantastic achievement and we’d like to congratulate him and everyone involved at Wave 105 on the Guinness World Record.”

Wave 105 presenter, Simon Clarke, said: “I was completely overwhelmed at the response by the Wave 105 listeners. I would like to thank the team who supported me to make it all happen on the day – from the dive crew looking after my health to the production crew sending me sealed sandwich bags full of encouraging messages from the audience. I am still over-the-moon that I have overcome my fear of water in just a few months.  Now everybody wants to know what challenge I’m going to do next!”

Longest underwater radio broadcast