Recent storms and flooding are causing major problems for many businesses in the UK, particularly in the south west and south east.  With many firms severely damaged in the recent floods it is likely that the loss of a phone system will cripple a business in a disaster such as this.  To support flood affected firms, telecommunications company VoIP Unlimited has launched a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) flood recovery package to ensure business owners have the ability to communicate with customers and suppliers.

The VoIP Unlimited flood recovery package allows firms to have continuous communication during a disaster.  Calls are re-directed from the business’ existing numbers to a virtual VoIP Unlimited number which is automatically re-routed via any internet connection to a VoIP handset. This means a business’ telecommunications can be upped and moved to any internet enabled location at any time.

With VoIP Unlimited’s ability to provide new numbers in seconds, firms can be up and running within hours to guarantee downtime and loss of revenue is reduced.

Mark Pillow, managing director at VoIP Unlimited, says: “When phones go down, so does a business. Floods, fires, power outages … any number of issues can slow or shut down a communications system.  Phone outages result not only in lost revenue and productivity, but they damage a firm’s reputation and credibility with customers.

“With a VoIP solution a firm’s voice services are routed offsite and accessed via the internet, therefore when a disaster strikes a firm’s communication system can be brought back to functionality very quickly.  There is virtually no lapse in business continuity.  Once a new location is established, phones can easily be plugged into the network and are back up and running.  In the interim, before a new location is established, calls can simply be re-routed to mobile devices.

“With a traditional phone system, when a facility is down, the business is down. That’s not the case with VoIP.  Our VoIP flood package offers a lot more flexibility and fault tolerance capabilities. It really reduces the complexity and risk of communication loss during a crisis which may involve business relocating to multiples sites after a disaster.”

With an initial set-up fee of £25, the VoIP Unlimited flood recovery package costs £10.99 per month *

*plus call charges. An internet connection is required.

For further information please visit or telephone 01202 612000.