2016 has seen a massive growth of video content. It’s been creeping up in popularity over recent years, and has now secured its place at the forefront of brand strategy plans. Statistics show that one third of all online activity is spent watching video, with YouTube as the second biggest search engine in the world.

Still not convinced? Further studies show that it’s likely only 20% of readers will finish a long article, whereas 80% will watch a video to the end.

PR professionals across the globe unanimously agree that video is a highly shareable format, allowing brands to tell their stories in an authentic and engaging way. It’s all about enhancing your existing stories with video content in order to fill in the gaps. Perhaps you’re releasing a story about the importance of checking your business is prepared for winter, a simple how-to guide video accompanying the article would increase engagement.

Video is more than just a token spokesperson in a suit delivering an overly-rehearsed soundbite. It can be animation, motion graphics, interviews and live streams. Keep it in line with your brand values and business goals, be innovative but don’t force it – you’ll be onto a winner in no time.

You don’t need to have a fully-fledged creative brief before you approach a production agency; after all, they’re the experts. Discuss your ideas and what you aim to achieve, most importantly keep an open mind, there might be a fantastic solution that you haven’t yet considered.

Superior Seals, Ferndown, Wimborne


As part of our strategy with Superior promoting its apprentice training Academy, we have created a series of videos which enables them to deliver their powerful message surrounding the UK STEM skills gap.

Working alongside RMP Filmmakers, we have created a video that showcases the facilities the Academy has to offer and highlights the journey of James Rowe, their Apprentice of the Year for 2016, and discusses one apprentice who has created a rubber injection moulding robot – a first for the industry. They also have an animation that explains the core of their educational offering; apprenticeships, traineeships and graduate programmes, ready for the launch of their new Academy website.

We’re always eager to help you deliver your story to a wider audience and in an innovative way; video is a powerful method of storytelling that needs to be embraced as more users continue to consume content on their mobiles.