While many are feeling the squeeze of the post-Christmas and January sales spending sprees, it might have crossed your mind to set a resolution to manage your money better this year.

A poll by YouGov shows that most people have given up on their changes by January 10, but resolutions can be easily maintained when they are more achievable.

Dan Ware, CEO of DJS (UK) Limited, commented: “We all like the idea of being the best version of ourselves, so we use the new year as a time to set goals for what we want to achieve. Being financially savvy is something many aim for and take pride in, but sometimes getting started can feel a little overwhelming.

“Instead of setting yourself a goal for a total amount at the end of the year, why not aim for a little something each week, because it all adds up in the long run. For example, if you’re spending in cash on a night out, pop any change to one side the morning after and start your rainy-day fund.

“We see many short-term loan applications on PiggyBank to fund lifestyle choices, and we usually decline around 60 per cent of these as we believe our loans should only be used for unforeseen circumstances. We hope that by holding this stance it encourages our users to become responsible spenders in the future.”