PR has evolved – when you go into a coffee shop, how many people do you see reading a paper and how many people do you see sat on their iPhone or iPad? Exactly. When you get on a bus, how many people do you see reading a newspaper compared to those using their smartphone? Precisely.

Liz Lean PR blends traditional PR with digital PR and because of this, we have a lot more tools in our box. The online media phenomenon essentially ‘cuts out the middle man’ – the internet provides a vehicle for brand awareness and heightens traditional PR methods. Online media – from social media to blogs – extends readership beyond paper and ink.

Social media is increasingly used to enhance the public’s perception of a company and to deal with customer satisfaction queries. Anyone au fait with social media would agree that a response would be expected within 24 hours to appease the situation if a negative tweet or Facebook comment was left.

Influencers and CEOs have an increasingly strong social media presence – one recent survey revealed that 80% of the CEOs of the world’s 50 largest companies are on social media and active on a regular basis.

It’s important to capitalise on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to help get the news out there. One recent example in the news would be the birth of the royal baby – every household name (Coca Cola and British Airways just two examples) took to social media instantly to generate positive publicity, brand awareness and promote services and products.

And, with traditional media audiences in freefall, social media can be a powerful tool to reach thousands of people fast.

For instance, our client Jurassica put a video up on its Facebook page yesterday – at the time of writing, it has already reached 5,854 people and been shared 79 times.

Combining social media and PR is a no-brainer. Think global, act social.

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By Alice Rook