Award season is upon us all year round these days, there are many opportunities to shout about the great things that your company is up to, the projects you’re working on, and the people who make it all come together.

It can be daunting filling in an application when you first take a look at it, so we’ve compiled our top tips for getting through it and making sure you submit it on time.

  • Stats can be vital to help quantify your entry. Providing the facts and figures behind the statements illustrates your point in a more succinct manner – make the most of any supporting evidence opportunities to showcase full tables and graphs where relevant.
  • Writing about your company in third person will help to make it more formal. For example, ‘Liz Lean PR is…’ (and don’t forget, a company should always be ‘is’, not ‘are’!)
  • Wherever possible testimonials and third-party endorsements will help to reinforce the message that you are putting across. There’s no shame in asking clients to put in a good word for you if you really are doing a great job, plus it’s the sort of content that can be used across social media and new business proposals too.
  • Try to get as many of your employees involved as is reasonably possible, this creates a sense of community and if you win, everyone will feel that they have had a role to play.
  • Be proud of your achievements, don’t worry if the entry feels a little ‘boastful’ – that’s the point, it’s your chance to shine and showcase everything you have to offer.


Above all, make sure you check the grammar and spelling before submitting to avoid any inaccuracies, you don’t want to have put all that hard work in to have it spoilt by spelling something wrong!

And sometimes, you need a little extra hand to get it done. Our team are fantastic award writers and know all the tricks of the trade to make sure that your entry ticks all the right boxes, contact us on or 01202 701828 if you want to find out more.