We know what you’re thinking – but unfortunately this photo doesn’t mean Liz Lean PR has won the BBC’s weather contract.

We were, however, invited to a private tour of The BBC Experience, a chance to step inside the amazing world of the BBC.

The BBC Experience has been popping up in various locations across the UK exhibiting information and artefacts from the famous broadcasting corporation, also givin
g visitors the chance to turn their hands to presenting the news, weather and sport plus DJing on the radio.

The BBC Experience is encased in a dome, all the walls graced with the familiar BBC presenters, DJs and icons. Did you know that 96 per cent of UK adults use BBC TV, radio and online each week? The aim of this pop-up is to educate younger generations about the BBC and re-ignite awareness in the older generations.

Presenting the weather was much harder than I thought it would be – there’s much more to it than meets the eye. Standing in front of a green screen, you look at a screen which shows you exactly what viewers see on their TVs. However, it took some getting used to because the image didn’t move like a reflection in a mirror, instead it went the opposite way… so I kept moving my arms wrong and covering up parts of the screen which I didn’t mean to! There was also a slight time delay which requires practice.

There was also the chance to have a go at being a radio DJ… I have new-found respect for them! I was presented with a screen of approximately 20 songs and told to choose one. Selecting Jessie J’s ‘It’s My Party,’ I then saw the number 10 flash up on the screen and the countdown swiftly begun. I had to fill exactly ten seconds while introducing the song, which was actually much harder than you would expect! It’s important to stop talking seconds before the song begins and not to fill the space with too much waffle.

The staff informed me that later this year, the BBC micro:bit will be introduced to every child in Year 7 (or equivalent) across the UK. The micro:bit is a pocket-sized, codeable computer with motion detection which will be given free to every child in order to combat the critical skills shortage in the UK technology sector.

You might remember in the 80s, when the BBC Micro introduced many children to computing for the first time – this hopes to build on that legacy and inspire digital creativity in a new generation of coding pioneers.

All in all, it was a fantastic morning – thank you to the team for inviting us down. I particularly enjoyed sitting in Tom Jones’ chair from The Voice… what a privilege!

Tom Jones The Voice Chair BBC











By Alice Rook