Tapper Funeral Service recycling flowers


A local funeral director has taken recycling to a new level with the introduction of recovering funeral flowers.

Tapper Funeral Service has introduced a funeral flower recycling scheme that aims to raise funds for local charities.

In recent years, Tapper Funeral Service has witnessed more bereaved families request donations to charity rather than spending money on floral tributes that often end up in landfill sites after the funeral.

Nevertheless, there remains the family’s own floral tributes that are often of the highest quality and consequently have cost them a considerable amount of money.

Steven Tapper, joint managing director of Tapper Funeral Service, said: “There is often a perception, particularly when the funeral is cremation, that the money spent on floral tributes is a waste. Our new initiative not only benefits the environment but also benefits the charities our families wish to support.”

With consent from the family, Tapper Funeral Service will collect the flowers following a funeral and its in-house florist will create small bunches which will then be given to charity shops and local hospices to be sold for donations.

Tapper Funeral Service has not only set out to recycle flowers but also the plastic frames and trays which can easily be recycled or given back to the florist to be re-used.

Steven added: “Beyond the practical benefits, the recycling of flowers is a metaphor for the cycle of life and how we hope the memory of those we love continues after death. Rather than being left and forgotten at the crematorium the flowers live on, bringing pleasure to others and much needed resources to charities that are close to all of our hearts.”

The new initiative has already proven successful with Forest Holme Hospice, whereby bunches have been donated to the hospice for it to sell at a small price.

Hannah Parsons, corporate fundraiser at Forest Holme Hospice, comments: “The bunches of flowers from Tapper Funeral Service have been well received at the hospice. We received a number of lily arrangements which all sold within the first day and were not only purchased by relatives of patients but also members of staff. It’s such a lovely idea and we hope the scheme really takes off.”

In a further bid to help reduce the environmental factors around funeral flowers, Tapper Funeral Service will be offering families the opportunity to purchase home-grown flowers produced at its Harbour View Woodland Burial Ground in Lytchett Minster, where they also have a dedicated compost to help relieve landfill.

Steven concluded: “The majority of the flowers sold in the UK are brought across from abroad. This is another major environmental factor that is not taken into consideration.

“Within our own grounds at Harbour View there are many things growing naturally that would complement any floral arrangement; with a little encouragement we hope to increase the amount of home grown produce that can be drawn upon. Ultimately, families will be getting more for their money in both quality and quantity while in the knowledge that their money is being used in the local economy and benefiting a charity at the same time.

“It is developments like this which reflect the changing nature of the funeral industry. More families today want to help benefit charities by doing what they can to raise important funds and as a long-serving business Tapper Funeral Service has always grown to adapt its services to meet with the changes in society.”