The local grant giving charity, Talbot Village Trust, has donated £100,000 to the national charity Livability Holton Lee to fund the construction of its new Spinal Injury Centre in Dorset.

The new Spinal Injury Centre is located at Livability’s pre-existing Wellbeing Discovery Centre,  Livability Holton Lee. The centre will provide respite and rehabilitation services to people suffering with a spinal cord injury.

The funding received from Talbot Village Trust has created a fully accessible residential space with a kitchen, en-suite rooms and therapy gym. A dedicated team of specialist practitioners will also be on site to offer personalised packages of rehabilitation, and support to people and their families with spinal cord injuries.

Lisa Hemsley, assistant director of fundraising at Livability, said: ‘‘Livability is extremely fortunate to have Talbot Village Trust as one of its supporters. Over the years they have given generously to a number of projects, many which would not have become a reality without their generous funding.

‘‘The Spinal Injury Centre at Livability Holton Lee, will have a positive impact on the lives of the people we support thanks to Talbot Village Trust.’’

Talbot Village Trustee, Nicholas Ashley-Cooper, 12th Earl of Shaftesbury, said: ‘‘We are proud to have donated over £438,000 in the last 16 years to Livability. We know first-hand that through a wide range of disability and community focused projects, Livability works to tackle barriers in people’s lives.

‘‘The opening of this state-of-the-art Spinal Injury Centre really excites me. As someone that has sustained and recovered from a spinal cord injury, I know personally why the need for good rehabilitation is vital. It is always a truly inspiring experience to visit Livability and see the professional support and opportunities given to enhance people’s lives through the wellbeing on offer at Holton Lee.’’

Talbot Village Trust meets biannually, and will be accepting applications for funding from both previous and new applicants in the area before the Trustees meet again in May. Please visit for more information.