Bournemouth Sports Club has received £10,000 from the local grant giving charity, Talbot Village Trust, to invest in refurbishing the clubhouse.

The clubhouse, which is used by the local community for a wide range of events such as sports training, weddings and parties, underwent a much-needed refurbishment to restore it to a more functional condition.

Renovation of the toilet facilities and decoration of the social area ensured that the clubhouse could continue to be enjoyed by all the supporters of Bournemouth Sports Club on a regular basis.

Bournemouth Sports Club has a number of other facilities including football and rugby pitches, cricket pitches, squash courts and archery grounds.  These are used by sports clubs in the area such as Bournemouth Sports FC and Bournemouth Archery Club.

The funding received from the Trust was also used to replace damaged sports equipment, which is vital for the continued running of the sports club’s weekly sessions.

Mark Rance, general manager of Bournemouth Sports Club, said: ‘‘Thanks to the generous donation we were given by Talbot Village Trust, we have been able to update our main clubhouse which has created a welcoming atmosphere for all of our guests to enjoy.

‘‘We cater to a large mix of people, from sports club members, to those looking for a venue to hire. It is important to us to continue to operate our facilities at the highest standard, and the donation received has ensured this for many years to come.’’

Russell Lucas-Rowe, Trustee, added: ‘‘We are proud to support all different types of charities, churches or places of education with our funding. Bournemouth Sports Club is relied on by so many in the community to act as a place for all ages to put into practice their passion for sport.  It is fantastic to see that our donation has benefited all that use the club.’’

Talbot Village Trust meets biannually, and will be accepting applications for funding from both previous and new applicants in the area before the Trustees meet again in May. Please visit for more information.