Security staff at the Dolphin shopping centre in Poole have not only undertaken an intensive customer service training course but also undergone a stylish make over. The 16-strong team has waved goodbye to their old uniforms and embraced smart black suits with white shirts and red ties.

The team’s old military style uniform is a thing of the past and since the introduction of the new suits, the security guards have witnessed a behaviour change in customers with encouraging feedback gained from shoppers.

Centre manager, John Grinnell, who was responsible for the roll out of the new security uniform, said: “The new uniforms have certainly been an instant hit. It was crucial we changed their image to embrace the Centre’s new customer service ethos. The better quality of uniform also underlines how much the security staff is valued here.”

Retailers have also spoken positively about the new uniforms; Beales store director, Nicky Washington, added: “I think they look great, much smarter and more modern. The security team now has a stronger presence within the Centre, and our shoppers feel the suits are far more approachable than the older style.”

Matthew Spencer, security supervisor and a member of the security team, was delighted with his new uniform, saying: “The old uniform was so dated; this new style is far more professional for the team.”

Dolphin Shopping Centre security team