It may not quite be Romeo and Juliet, however in the spirit of Valentine’s Day Paultons Park is helping one of its male birds find love again after the loss of its companion.

Romeo, one of the family theme park’s male species of Greater Necklaced Laughingthrush has set his heart and feathers aflutter in preparation of meeting his new partner.

The Chinese native birds are known for their vocals to simultaneously resemble laughter, however since Romeo lost his partner two months ago Paultons’ keepers have noticed a change in his character and put it down to him being love sick.

The Hampshire-based attraction, which has the largest collection of species of Laughingthrush in the country, has set up a ‘speed-mating’ process which includes a private aviary to stimulate their natural attentive behaviour.

The team at Paultons Park hope Romeo will begin a new love nest and that he will stay true to his name and start laughing again soon!