Video website cards on Twitter to introduce a brand

  • The social media app reports that people are six times more likely to engage with a tweet which has pictures or a video, and 93% of Twitter’s video views happen on a mobile phone and so it is helping brands to capitalise on that fact.
  • Twitter for Business users can create the video website cards which automatically play as users scroll through their feed with the opportunity for people to then click on a link to find out more
  • It would be a great way to show people around if you have a cool office or building, a chance to introduce the face of the brand or CEO, or show people how a product is made

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Insta butlers for perfect photos in the Maldives

  • The rich and famous have paid lots of money for a trip to the Maldives but how do they ensure that they have envy-inducing holiday snaps which will make their peers jealous? They recruit an Insta Butler who takes them on a personalised ‘Insta-trail’
  • Staff at The Conrad Maldives Rangali Hotel will show guests the places that people always want to take photos (such as the infinity pool and Sunset Tip), plus some hidden gems to make sure that they have plenty of content for their Facebook holiday photo album
  • However, they insist that it’s also a chance for guests to learn more about the Maldives and the local culture

VR app to reconstruct the experience of distracted drivers

  • Ford has partnered with Google and a virtual reality firm to launch a virtual reality app, Ford Reality Check, to bring to life the potentially fatal consequences of driving while distracted
  • In the app, the user is picking up friends on the way to a party while instant messages, calls and chatty passengers compete for attention with the final distraction proving fatal
  • The car manufacturer hopes that the VR app will help to educate young drivers on how to drive more safely on the road both for their own and for other people’s sake

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