YouTube stars offer financial tips to inspire young people

  • Halifax has signed up three YouTube stars for a campaign targeting 11-15 year olds to help them get a basic understanding of money
  • Vloggers Ambi, Evie and Oscar  speak directly to the young audience in a series of short videos which focus on spending, saving and online safety
  • Research carried out for Halifax showed that children post on social networks 26 times a day, but despite spending 15 hours online, less than half regularly use online banking


In other social media news…

The legality of user generated content on Instagram

Google+ is ranked as the most satisfying social network in the US (Apparently)

  • The social media network, which was launched in 2011, now has an estimated 111 million users, although this is around a third of the amount of people on Twitter and a sixth of the number of Facebook users
  • According to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index 2017, a survey of 4,978 people responded over to say that the site was top of the social media sites

And finally…

We are loving this amazing collection of relatable animal GIFs from BBC’s Wild Alaska Live on Twitter…..

Animal GIF. Credit: BBC One Twitter

Animal GIF. Credit: BBC One Twitter