Facebooks helps users find free Wi-Fi

  • The social media network is rolling out a new feature available on Apple devices which includes a Find Wi-Fi tab under the More tab on the mobile app
  • It will direct people to the nearest place with free Wi-Fi and importantly for businesses, they will be listed on a map which in turn attracts customers, although firms will need to opt-in to be included. The map will also display useful info such as opening hours and what the business is, but
  • Critics are suggesting that it’s a way to encourage people away from using Google Maps, however for phone users it could save a small fortune when on holiday and using your phone to navigate your way around


In other social media news…

Food service ordering kiosks

  • McDonalds are refurbishing all of their restaurants to feature food ordering kiosks where you input your order into a screen rather than speaking to a person
  • While you may ask why this is relevant as you don’t eat at McDonalds, the website, Small Biz Trends, is asking whether these screens could benefit small businesses
  • ‘There’s a sense of urgency across the business as we take actions to retain existing customers, regain lapsed customers and convert casual customers to committed customers…(cont’d)’, said CEO Steve Easterbrook

15 skills to ace social media

  • Forbes have put together a list of the top 15 desirable social media skills that the employers want when hiring a social media whiz
  • It gives people a good insight into where businesses are looking to invest or perhaps what they see competitors doing well at and so they want to replicate it
  • Top of the list is Facebook Insights, followed by Twitter, and then perhaps unsurprisingly, Instagram. Other skills include press releases, customer service and Pinterest

And finally…

Dorset Police have been sharing some of the excuses drivers have been giving to officers in relation to the various offences they have committed. Here’s just a few of them but for more, go to the Dorset Police No Excuse Twitter page


Credit: Dorset Police No Excuse

Credit: Dorset Police No Excuse

Credit: Dorset Police No Excuse