Now you can book a cab or reserve a restaurant table through Snapchat

  • The social media app has introduced Context Cards which allow you to find out more background info about the businesses which feature in the 3 billion daily Snaps and videos sent between users
  • Now if your friend takes a Snap of some food in a restaurant, you can tap on the name of the firm to see when it’s open, the website link, its score on TripAdvisor, book an Uber to take you there and more
  • Interestingly, Snapchat has integrated its Stories service into the Context Cards so that you can see the Snaps that people are sharing from that location


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Facebook will train teenagers to become anti-bullying ambassadors


Creating a call to action and timing content are key to going viral

  • Entrepreneur website has created a Top 10 list of tips for producing highly shareable content and while it may seem obvious, many businesses still aren’t following it or they create content but don’t know what the purpose is
  • Google Analytics and other metrics-measuring websites are your friends when it comes to finding out when most people are visiting your website and thus you should capitalise on that when you have big news to share. Don’t just throw it online on the weekend when most people *are not* looking at their phones!
  • According to the article 95% of the marketers who use social influencers believe that the strategy is effective and thus improves the reach that the brand has


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Latte art Credit: Daphne Tan (@periperipeng)

Latte art Credit: Daphne Tan (@periperipeng)