People have short attention spans when watching videos

  • Research shared by Kantar Media shows that 67% of people surveyed prefer videos to be under 10-minutes in length
  • Meanwhile, 54-percent of people admit binge-watching a large number of video clips, and people spend five times longer viewing videos than they do looking at static content on Facebook and Instagram
  • Marketers can take this information and run with it by creating mobile-friendly short video content which clearly illustrates the brand and key messages

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The brain processes content 60,000 times faster than text (and that makes images *very* important)

  • Remember the phrase ‘A picture paints a thousand words?’ It is now more current than ever as Scott Thomas, co-founder of Creatively Squared explained to Virgin Start Up when explaining how to improve a company’s visual content
  • Consumers form an opinion on a brand’s quality, price and trustworthiness based on the imagery used on a company website, says Scott. While stock images remain the most commonly used visual content, be wary of using similar images to competitors as potential customers won’t be able to tell the difference
  • A really affordable option for imagery is user-generated content, however, hiring a professional photographer to cover an event or take some re-usable staff pics is certainly worth considering as an investment

Social media celebrities are being ‘shamed’ for old tweets they posted

  • Jack Maynard was pulled out of the I’m a Celebrity camp after posts containing offensive language were found on his Twitter page dating back from 2011- 2013
  • Fellow YouTube star, Zoella, has also been put under the spotlight recently for also using derogatory language, the kind of which we won’t repeat, in tweets dating back to 2010
  • However in an opinion piece published on The Times, Chris Stokel-Walker argues that social media has blurred the lines between celebrities and their fans so he says it’s time to stop shaming these social media celebs for their previous mistakes
  • What we’re taking from this is that it’s never been more important to be 100% sure that you are happy and understand that something that you post online now can be read for many years to come


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