More characters on Twitter

  • The social media app has expanded its character limit from 140-characters to 280-characters which was met with both applause and grumbles
  • Many Twitter users have said that they would have preferred an ‘edit’ button for posts to allow people to change spelling mistakes and other errors
  • A bigger character limit means that people no longer need to ‘cram their thoughts into one tweet’, Twitter product manager, Aliza Rosen, said earlier this year when they trialled the idea with a small number of users


 In other social media news…

No more spelling mistakes on social media

  • Until Twitter adds an edit programme, there is an alternative option of using Grammarly, which you can install on Google Chrome and then it’ll check your social media posts and emails as you write them
  • The aim is that you will no longer mix up ‘to’ and ‘too’ or ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ (which we’re sure you don’t anyway but silly autocorrect might try and slip the wrong one into a sentence)
  • We heard about this through the newsletter from the lovely people at Virgin Start Up, who tried out the feature before recommending it to others


IKEA held a week-long house party for a PR stunt

  • Rich Leigh has created his top 10 of PR stunts and marketing campaigns from October and it included a hotel offering a sanctuary for abandoned inflatable pool floats and Legoland offering free admission for children with a specific name
  • Some other fun mentions in the list were IKEA, which celebrated 30 years in the UK by holding a week-long series of ‘house parties’ for the public in a building in Soho
  • Another featured PR stunt was a car which had seemingly been ‘vandalised’ by somebody quitting their job, but actually it was an international lottery firm to celebrate a survey which showed that, surprise surprise, most people *would*quit their job if their numbers came up


And in other news…

Mermaid. Credit: The Canadian Press

Credit: The Canadian Press