Instagram is testing out word-only posts for Stories

  • The feature, called Type, would allow users to post text onto a plain or coloured background instead of it having to be on a photo
  • Other new potential feature the social media app is trialling is the ability to re-post other people’s Instagram stories (which could be useful if you get some great coverage from a brilliant social influencer)
  • Screenshot notifications are also being introduced which will come up if somebody screenshots an Instagram Story (Something a brand can use to their advantage if a product or event is gaining a lot of interest)


Social media channels ‘should fund local journalism’

  • Former culture secretary, John Whittingdale, has said that sites such as Google and Facebook are making lots of money from local newspapers and so they should invest some of that to help struggling papers
  • He has suggested that they could put money towards the BBC’s local democracy initiative to fund 150 local reporters to go into newsrooms in the UK


Hotel bans social media influencers – and goes viral in the process

  • Influencer, Elle Darby, contacted Paul Stenson, the owner of The White Moose Café, about a ‘possible collaboration’ involving her staying at the hotel for free in return for social media coverage
  • Unfortunately for her, Paul decided to publicly respond to her message by posting on the hotel’s Facebook page to question how the coverage would pay his staff – albeit he didn’t name her
  • Both have since gone viral for their correspondence thus dividing opinion on who was in the wrong and where the boundaries are with products or experiences in return for a review


And in other news…

  • Credit: Nikkopupsf on Instagram

    Credit: Nikkopupsf on Instagram