Snapchat is allowing content to be shared on other platforms

  • For the first time ever, content shared on Snapchat can be shared on Twitter and Facebook
  • However, this is *only* available to publicly viewable Stories or high-profile content. So that picture of Fluffy sadly won’t currently make it
  • People without the app will still be able to view the content by clicking on the link so that they don’t have to miss out


We could soon all be #Plogging

  • This new social media trend involves people carrying a rubbish bag everywhere they go while out on a run – hence ‘plogging’ and then you share a photo of your collection online
  • It all started in Sweden but thanks to the power of Instagram #hashtags, this is now ‘sweeping’ the nation (Bad pun. Sorry!)
  • Given how much the environment is in the news at the moment, it could be the new way to show you care for the community while being on trend


Facebook is ‘no place for young kids’


Millienials pick their holidays based on how ‘Instagrammable’ it is

  • Over 40-per-cent of people aged under 33 base their holiday plans on where will look good on social media to make their friends extremely jealous
  • After all, millenials have more ways to brag to their friends these days than older relatives ever had with a seemingly limitless platform for sharing their poolside pics while away


And in other news…

Credit: CNN on Twitter

Credit: CNN on Twitter