Tech companies and apps are rolling out ways for users to track their screen-time…

  • Instagram has started roll out its ‘Your Activity’ feature which gives Instagrammers the option to set daily time limits and temporarily mute push notifications
  • In the latest iOS update brings ‘Screen Time’ to Apple device users which gives real time reports on how much time they are spending on their iPhone and iPads, again allowing you to set limits. This update also allows parents to set limits on their children’s devices.
  • Google has also released ‘Digital Wellness’ in Android 9.0 which has the same purpose which Google announcing that “Great technology should improve life, not distract from it.”
  • This comes after copious evidence that the devices glued to our hands and the apps they home, aren’t all that great for you.


Google Maps allows users to message businesses within the app…

  • Google Maps is on a mission to make its app more personalised
  • After launching a feature allowing users to “Follow” businesses they are interested in, developers are taking the next step
  • A “Message” button will soon appear in the app meaning users can contact businesses to book a table or place an order
  • Google says “Sending messages to businesses gives you the opportunity to ask questions without having to make a phone call so that you can order a cake for your mom’s birthday while on the bus or find out if a shoe store has your size without having to wait on hold.”


Why vertical video is a no brain-er…

  • According to Wikipedia, the first mention of video on Facebook timelines was all the way back in 2013, so video content is far from new for us all
  • But it’s always important to keep tabs on the next trends and how best to engage the audience
  • The best video was once cinematic, landscape shots but with the increase of video content being watch on our smartphones, it’s clear vertical is the way to go
  • 96% of video is consumed on mobile
  • And now with the likes of IGTV encouraging both users and businesses to engage in watching longer content on mobile, it’s definitely something teams should be looking into ahead of 2019
  • We recommend Social Chain’s, Social Minds Episode 15 to hear more about this


And finally … “Officers, I swear it wasn’t me.”

  • Earlier this month David Schwimmer was mistaken for a criminal, wanted by Blackpool Police
  • After the UK police force posted an CCTV still of the man, fans of the show Friends took to Blackpool Police’s Facebook post with jokes inspired by the show
  • But the ultimate joke was played by Schwimmer himself who posted this epic video: