Pinterest users can now schedule posts on HootSuite

  • Alongside Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube, users can now also make sure that pins are added to their boards at the best times to reach the most people
  • Through the scheduling site, users can also create private or public pinboards for them to share on the picture-led site
  • Pins can also be added, viewed, edited and deleted in the same dashboard as a user’s other social media channels


Share Spotify and GoPro photos directly on Instagram Stories


Three smart social media-savvy campaigns we could gain inspiration from

  • A few years ago, the cosmetics firm, NARs, realised that in an oversubscribed market it was hard to get noticed. They thought about it and rather than pay for a host of celebs to attend an event in the hope they would promote the products, they unveiled Guy Bourdin colour cosmetics line on Snapchat meaning that young people could tune in and share it with their friends
  • Non-profit organisation, Worldwide Breast Cancer, used an image of 12 lemons in an egg carton and the hashtag #KnowYourLemons to highlight the symptoms of breast cancer in a simple and effective way which was a little more informal than what women may have seen in the past (Thus making it more shareable)
  • Meanwhile, the American fast food chain, Wendy’s, set a Tweeter a challenge which involved engagement with masses of other users and it got picked up by the likes of Amazon and Google, meaning that it spread further than any sponsored content ever could


And in other news…

People in the UK, Toronto and Brussels have been giving potholes a makeover to highlight the poor state of the roads to local councils (and while we wouldn’t recommend joining in *We all know it’s quite unsafe to be bending down in the middle of a road to fill it with flowers*, some of the pictures are quite *pretty*

Credit: Today Online

Credit: Today Online