You can now schedule content on Instagram

  • It’s been a long time coming but finally, social media managers don’t need to be up until midnight just to upload pictures to appeal to the US market or similar
  • Unfortunately, you can’t use it within the app itself but you can now schedule posts using external social media software such as HootSuite and SocialFlow
  • Currently, it’s only available to large businesses as smaller businesses are less likely to use a third-party app to post content, but it’s hoped that it will be rolled out to everyone including non-businesses as early as 2019


Black cats are being handed into rescue centres because ‘they don’t look good in selfies’


Maisie Williams is launching an app to link up people in the creative industry

  • The Game of Thrones star will launch the app, called Daisie, in the summer which aims to allow creatives to network, share thoughts and collaborate on ideas
  • It will also give people the chance to reach out to others who could be a mentor to them as well as addressing the wave of ‘self-promotion’ that some social media users can experience from digital creatives
  • Interestingly, neither the website or the app will feature adverts to ensure that nobody gets an unfair advantage


And in other news…

  • Residents in Bournemouth decided to show homeless people that people care about them following the controversial metal bars on wooden benches by the council and instead turned them into ‘love benches’ by covering them in blankets and cushions, as well as leaving small bags of essential items like deodorant, toothpaste and a snack for a homeless person to anonymously pick up and use