UNILAD are in troubled waters this week as it heads into administration with debts over £6m…

  • The fourth largest Facebook publisher UNILAD, will enter administration after being ruled by Judge Clive Jones at the High Court of Justice in London Thursday (4 October).
  • Bentley Harrington, UNILAD owner, has agreed to file for administration, despite investment and interest from third parties.
  • The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Manchester. They reportedly employ 200 staff.
  • There is evidence that there are bidders looking to acquire the social media company so its future is yet unknown.
  • With nearly 40 million Facebook users following UNILAD, and multiple sub-pages including UNILAD Adventure and UNILAD Sport, the company have substantial social media presence, which may prove desirable for potential acquirers.
  • UNILAD, please don’t go too soon, your videos never fail to make me laugh…


It’s a tough day for Google Plus too, as they shut down after user data was recently exposed…

  • The consumer functions of Google Plus have been winding down since 2015 however, as announced in a company blog today, the site will be shut down entirely.
  • Launched in 2011 in attempt to rival growing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Google Plus acted as a place for people to share content with their ‘Circles’.
  • Google Plus acted as an additional SEO tool also, however the site itself gained significantly low engagement, with the blog post reporting that 90 percent of interactions lasted less than five seconds.
  • RIP Google Plus  🙁 🙁 🙁


Talking of data and privacy… Facebook’s made a bold move and released plans for ‘Facebook Portal’…

  • Facebook is producing a video camera which is designed to live in your lounge or on the kitchen side, allowing friends and family to chat ‘face to face’
  • Portal will adjust and move around to keep the subject in the frame, allowing for casual and free flowing chat. It will also be able to reduce background noise to help keep voices clear.
  • Although the company have vouched regularly they would never sell hardware, it seems Facebook are looking to compete against the likes of Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home.
  • Some deem this a brave move for the social network, given conversation around Alexa’s concerning always listening functions and Facebook’s own data issues.
  • They state the Portal is “built with privacy and security in mind.” As well as blatantly saying they don’t listen to, view or keep contents of the calls, but still, I personally might give welcoming Facebook Portal into my home a miss.


How brands can utilise Instagram’s new IGTV app…

  • Allowing users to upload longer content, the IGTV platform has had a slow start since the launch in June, yet it seems like it’s here to stay.
  • IGTV is a platform purely for vertical video content, mirroring smartphone usage habits.
  • Videos can be 15 seconds up to 60 mins, although only accounts with a large following can post hour long videos.
  • Videos can be watched in both the Instagram and IGTV app.
  • Call to actions and swipe up buttons are still a key feature of IGTV videos.
  • Videos can be uploaded through the IGTV app or web browser.
  • Brands can use IGTV to give followers a more in depth, detailed insight into their business or product.
  • It could be the perfect tool to post behind the scenes tours or sneak peeks at new products.
  • Clothing brand, Pretty Little Thing, have been using it to feature celebrity interviews on their channel.
  • NASA post informative, question answering videos such as ‘How video gets from space to ground’
  • The ability to post longer content, in full screen view, opens up the opportunities for brands to become more experimental with the videos they post to Instagram.
  • It allows YouTube style content to go to an existing Instagram audience.


And to conclude this Social Flash, I thought I’d include a feel good Twitter moment that started last week…


  • When Ashley Ford tweeted ‘What’s something you hated about yourself as a kid or teenage that you now consider a strength?’ other Twitter users shared their own personal experiences… proving Twitter isn’t all bad news.
  • Some of my personal favourites include:
  • “Vulnerability. As a kid, being vulnerable just opened you up to insults or bullying,  but as an adult I find it a useful way to build trust and respect with others.” – @noah_bench
  • “My heritage. I pushed it away for so long and so badly wanted to be named Kyle and have green eyes. My latino heritage has brought me so much joy, perspective, and I can say whatever I want in Spanish” – @jrodriguez713
  • “My eyebrows.” – @pfpicardi
  • I would highly recommend a read on this Tuesday afternoon, just as a reminder that we are all human and to warm the heart.