This is the year of the ‘micro-influencer’ – and other marketing trends in 2018

  • Your friends are going to be sharing #spon on their posts as brands start using people with a smaller Instagram following to promote their products to their peers, according to the social media website Later
  • The social media site is also reportedly testing out a regram button to help firms navigate the grey area of usage for photos
  • Promoted or rather ‘Boosted’ Instagram posts will be all over your feed as brands capitalise on paid-for advertising to be put in front of their target audience

Snapchat wants to attract the over-30s market with the latest update

  • The social networking site is going to learn who you most commonly speak to put them higher up on your list of contacts to make them a higher priority
  • Users will also be taken straight to the camera when they open the app ready to take that all important shot

And in other news…

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