People read news on Facebook

Credit: Portsmouth News

Credit: Portsmouth News

  • Nearly half (47%) of social media users read their news on Facebook, according to research by the international newswire, Reuters
  • The interactive data for the research also suggests that around 50-per-cent of people read their news on the PC and the same amount read it on their phones
  • It also shows that the number of people accessing stories on a news app has increased from 23-per-cent in 2016 to 27-per-cent in 2017


In other social media news…

Facebook names ad campaigns that have best used the social network


Vending machine sells Instagram likes and followers for pennies

  • According to a news article, shoppers in Russia can now use a vending machine which will boost their Instagram following by 100 for the equivalent of around £1.40
  • Users can also print their Instagram snaps using the machine and apparently it’s one of 20 available to use in Russia
  • Given the way that social media has developed, from interacting with others to creating a personal brand out of photos, it seems only a matter of time before one of the devices heads over to the UK



And finally…

Some movie fans showed how they laugh in the face of fear as they watched an an open air cinema screening of Jaws while sat in inflatable doughnuts on a lake

                                                                   Credit Sarah O'Connell