Instagram launches ‘shoppable’ posts

  • Brands and businesses can tag up to five products which users can click on to see the name and price of the product
  • If potential customers then decide that they would like to buy the item, they can click ‘Shop now’, which is shown on the post, to make the purchase
  • Amy Cole, head of business development at Instagram, said that this is the most requested feature from both brands and users


A whopping 90-per-cent of Pinterest decide on a purchase after looking at pinned content


Research suggests that a third of Gen Z’ers are leaving social media

  • Origin, the research group, has discovered that 34-per-cent of people born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s are deleting their social media profiles to permanently leave the sites for their own mental health and wellbeing
  • Sadly 29-per-cent of those in Generation Z said that social media negatively impacts their self-esteem, however a larger proportion (61%) said that it boosts their ego
  • Interestingly for companies, 69-per-cent of Generation Z believe that brands should help them to achieve their life goals (Think helping them to give to charity, look after the planet, travel, etc)


And in other news…

Louis the gorilla is making global news after he was filmed walking upright like a human because ‘he doesn’t like to get his hands muddy’…..