Instagram has introduced IGTV

  • The social media app has introduced a new in-app feature which shows vertical videos ranging in length from 15 seconds to 60 minutes
  • Regular users can upload videos lasting up to 10 minutes, while larger and verified accounts can make a video lasting up to an hour and all videos can include a ‘Swipe up’ call to action, such as a link for more information
  • In other news for the app, the bods at Instagram recently announced that it now has one billion users sharing and viewing content


Facebook is testing the ability to cross-post photos to Instagram

  • At the moment, you can post a photo on Instagram and then share that over to your Facebook page
  • However, now the social media site is testing out the ability to cross-post the opposite way so that images shared on Facebook can go onto Instagram


We’ll all soon be miming to songs on Facebook

  • The social media site is introducing a Lip Sync Live feature, where users sing/mime along to their favourite songs as the words appear on the screen (Think of a modern, portable version of karaoke)
  • If it sounds familiar, that’s because teens all over the world have been using for a while now, but Facebook is perhaps trying to win them over by hosting their own version in the same place that millennials and children talk to their friends and share details of their lives


And in other news…

Following the depressing news that the US president Donald Trump is set to arrive in the UK on Thursday 12th July, a funny crowdfunding campaign has been launched to welcome him with a giant balloon depicting him as a huge, mildly scary baby ….

Donald Trump. Credit:

Donald Trump. Credit: