LinkedIn is forcing users to add a #Hashtag

  • Following on from rival social media sites, LinkedIn has added #Hashtags to its posts. However, unlike others, it won’t let a select group of users hit ‘Send’ until they have added in a category
  • Previously #hashtags were not used on the site and so many people are seeing as a major turnaround as LinkedIn looks to boost engagement
  • Other updates include a new layout for profile pages when using the desktop version of the site


Automated bots post the majority of tweeted links for popular websites


Snapchat might be changing back to a chronological order

  • In a move which users have been calling for since the re-design which included a more algorithm-defined feed, the photo-sharing app is considering allowing users to see their friends’ stories and pictures in the order that they were sent (Sound familiar?)
  • Celebrities including Kylie Jenner and Chrissie Teigen have shared their displeasure at the re-design on Twitter, which has not gone un-noticed by Snapchat and its shareholders


And in other news…

This baby elephant is having the best time splashing through puddles and it’s a great watch if you’re having a rubbish day….

Baby elephant splashing in puddles Credit: @AMHQ

Baby elephant splashing in puddles Credit: @AMHQ