Fake news spreads faster on Twitter

  • Research shows that false information is six times more likely to be shared on the microblogging social website than genuine articles
  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology looked into why ‘fake news’ is read by more people and found that it was due to the fact that it is ‘more novel’ stories
  • Professor Sinan Aral from the MIT Sloan School of Management said that ‘people can gain attention by being the first to share previously unknown – but possibly false – information’


Snapchat pays Kylie Jenner to post pic

  • Following the news that Snapchat lost $1.3billion after the famous Kardashian sister said she no longer used the app, top bods at Snapchat paid her to post a photo of her daughter
  • It was a great move by both social media star, Kylie, and Snapchat to get people sharing selfies and snaps with their friends again
  • At just a month old, Stormi, had her first experience of a Snapchat filter, after her mum posted a picture of the baby surrounded by flame emojis


Instagram and Snapchat are copying each other’s ideas to try and win people over


And in other news…

“We are all different – but we share the same human spirit.”

Stephen Hawking