Take a selfie to unlock Facebook

  • The social media network has been trialling a new safety feature which involves taking a clear picture of your face before it’ll let you scroll through your timeline
  • Apparently the idea behind it is that the bods at Facebook will be able to stop suspicious and potentially fraudulent activity such as creating an account or setting up ad payments
  • However, anyone lucky enough to have snapped up the new iPhone X will have already heard about this kind of safety feature due to its inclusion on the device


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Facebook is giving disaster-relief charities more guidance on who needs help and where

  • While users can see individual campaigns and calls for help during a crisis, Facebook is now set to allow relief groups more data on where the aid should go via its Community Help API service
  • This follows on from earlier this year, when the app announced a crisis response tool which allowed users in America to ask for help and give help to those involved in a crisis
  • Now the great news is that Facebook is set to expand its fundraising tools beyond the US meaning even more help to those who need it

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Credit: Tech Crunch

Credit: Tech Crunch