Facebook is getting rid of Trending

  • The bods at Facebook have decided to call time on their Trending facility, which aims to keep people updated with the latest news following the ‘Fake news’ scandal
  • Apparently, the Trending feature was only available in five countries and only accounted for less than 1.5% of clicks so they are looking into other ways to bring people the news
  • Ideas set to be introduced include introducing an official ‘Breaking news’ label to publishers content and a new ‘Today In’ section from local news publishers


Instagram reveals the science behind its algorithm


YouTube is now the most popular online platform (Facebook is fourth)

  • Take a time machine back to three years ago and Facebook was king followed by Instagram and Snapchat, but now YouTube has taken the top spot followed by the same sites in second and third place, according to research
  • A study by Pew into the social media habits of U.S teens shows that young people may be losing interest in Facebook perhaps as they distrust where their information goes on the social site or even that they look for more extensive insights into other people’s lives such as the content shared by vloggers on YouTube


And in other news…

The Government is currently considering whether to stop ‘junk food’ from being promoted by cartoon characters and people are raising the valid point that this *could* be the end of Percy Pigs….

PercyPigs Credit Wikipedia

PercyPigs Credit Wikipedia