Facebook adds live 360 videos

  • The social media platform has added the 360-degree video facility so that you can get the same view as somebody else in real time, whether your friends are on holiday or perhaps at a theme park
  • It has also added VR painting programme, Quill, to its social VR offering so that you can create art with friends as well
  • With the help of a digital tech firms, people can also create 3D Facebook posts which can be viewed on a PC – something which could be attention-grabbing for companies to literally ‘stand out’ from the competition (although we haven’t seen any yet ourselves!)


In other social media news…

 Taylor Swift is creating her own social media app

  • Tay Tay is set to unveil The Swift Life before the end of 2017 which will allow fans to connect with each other over their mutual interest of the pop star
  • The app will feature pictures, stickers, emojis, chat messaging and shared music streaming
  • Mobile-games developer, Glu Mobile, is creating the app and has previously developed apps for Kim Kardashian and Gordon Ramsay


If you check Twitter tonight, you will probably see lots of #WomenBoycottTwitter posts

  • Actress Rose McGowan took to Twitter on Thursday to speak out about sexual harassment and the social media platform allegedly responded by temporarily suspending her account
  • In the past Twitter have banned various high-profile figures temporarily but this latest decision was not made clear initially. However they later said it was because ‘she had included a private phone number in a tweet’
  • Social media users have decided to respond to the incident by using the #WomenBoycottTwitter today in response to abuse they claim to have brought to Twitter’s attention but apparently the social media site did not react to it


And in other news…

Mars - Credit to Nasa

Mars – Credit to Nasa