Two people can now use Instagram broadcasting live

  • The social media app has created the option to go live with a friend, which could open the opportunity for two businesses to co-host a video with a split screen
  • Users will see two circles on top of each other meaning there’s two phones are in the same video live simultaneously. It’s worth mentioning that Instagram has also recently added a hands-free option to its camera options
  • If a user is broadcasting a live video and then wants to change the second person, this can be done while still in the same stream. Expect to see celeb interviews and product launches being shown this way in future!

 In other social media news…

 360-degree videos, Twitter live and catch the KitKat won over Twitter followers

  • A fun video where you have to stop it to make the Statue of Liberty catch a KitKat was one of Twitter’s favourite PR campaigns last month and it attracted 3.6million views as people played along
  • Other top PR campaigns include the Walkers #ChooseOrLose campaign, as well as the use of 360-degree video for the launch of some homeware products at John Lewis
  • Mobile network, VOXI, (powered by Vodafone) live-streamed their launch event on Periscope which allowed those without an invite to watch Liam Payne and Dua Lipa perform. Live videos are a great way to grab people’s interest

Half of web users spend less than 15 seconds on a page

  • When writing web copy, be direct by using ‘You’ as much as possible to engage readers rather than generic terms, and avoiding needless repetition, according to this article containing top tips for creating amazing web copy
  • Other tips include making web copy skimmable by using a variety of formatting techniques to break up a block of text and remember that users don’t read the copy word-for-word from start to finish
  • If you don’t know what a word means, don’t include it or if you really have to then explain what it means because people don’t like to be made to feel silly. Give them an explanation and then they can feel clever if they already know or informed if they don’t

And in other news…T

  •  Somebody filmed a ‘juggling’ otter at Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park and we can imagine it on the next series of Britain’s Got Talent
Credit to Twitter user kfiggitt

Credit to Twitter user kfiggitt