Snapchat has had a makeover (and people are not happy)


Online live video streaming is soaring in popularity

  • Statistics show that online live video streaming will account for 82-per-cent of consumer content by the year 2021 (so it’s probably best to give it a go now so that you’re not left behind in three years time)
  • Thankfully, the super bods over at social media scheduling site, Hootsuite, have come up with a foolproof guide on how this works
  • The guide states that people are 10 times more likely to comment on Facebook Live videos than they are regular video content and they will watch live videos for three times longer


Brands can’t use the official Winter Olympics hashtag

  • Unless you’re a sponsor, you can’t support the sports event using the official hashtag due to the International Olympic Committee’s byelaws
  • The idea is that companies can’t just jump on the bandwagon and use the hashtag to gain a few followers unless they have stumped up the money to sponsor it
  • It means that brands will have to become a bit more creative if they want to try and tap into the worldwide market of people talking about the games on social media. For example, Campaign Live points out that Superbowl is often referred to as ‘the Big Game’, which firms then used to their benefit earlier this month


And in other news…

  • Lucky residents in New York can visit a confectionary-themed salon, named Sweet reTreat, until February 15 to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It has been created by Mars featuring manicures and pedicures with colours inspired by Skittles and Starbust, as well as mint-scented blow dries