Thanks to Churchill Retirement Living, Joyce Lewis can now see her New Zealand-based son face-to-face at the touch of a button.

Time and distance are things of the past for Joyce following a series of IT lessons at Osbourne Lodge inBournemouth. Joyce has been living in her Churchill Retirement Living apartment since early 2012 and in March she decided to take up IT training.

The manager at Osbourne lodge, Elaine heard that Joyce had family living the other side of the world and encouraged her to participate in the lessons organised by Churchill Retirement Living for its Owners. Joyce said: “As soon as the IT programmes were introduced, Elaine recommended that I should learn how to Skype in order to keep in touch with my son. At this stage I had never used computers as they looked too complicated and I thought I was too old for it.”

Following a series of IT lessons, Joyce can now write word documents, use the internet, send/receive emails and most importantly Skype her 57-year-old son, who is inNew Zealand. Yet another bonus to Joyce, who is not able to endure the 27 hour flight and 11,600 mile journey.

She added: “I am not very good at writing letters, and it is so much nicer when we Skype and not just talking on the phone, because I can see him.”

Churchill Retirement Living offers its Owners the opportunity to take advantage of shared communal activities and join in with social events when they wish. Osbourne Lodge is a 54 one and two-bedroom retirement development on Poole Road and several apartments feature balconies, dressing rooms and en-suites.

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