Jane Burton, head of fundraising and communications at Simon Says with Wave 105 afternoon presenter, Simon Clarke.

The Wave 105 Cash for Kids team has awarded Hampshire based child bereavement charity, Simon Says, with a grant for more than £2,000. The money will go towards a residential weekend for bereaved children.

Simon Says supports children and young people in Hampshire up to the age of 18 following the death of a significant person in their lives. The charity provides support in the form of a telephone helpline, monthly support groups, written information, and also provides help and guidance to other professionals working with the children.

Jane Burton, head of fundraising and communications at Simon Says, said: “We can’t thank the Wave 105 Cash for Kids team enough for the financial support they have given us. At Simon Says we know that the death of a very close and important person can have devastating effects on a young person, so we work closely with them to help them to rebuild their lives after their loss.

“We run an annual residential weekend for our young people and we’ll use the Cash for Kids grant to go towards this. We have monthly support groups in five different locations in Hampshire and our residential weekend will provide them with an opportunity to get together, develop positive coping skills and confidence as well as building relationships and supporting others that have been through similar experiences.”

Wave 105’s charity manager, Gloria Hill, said: “We are proud to be able to award this money to Simon Says. The team do great work for young people who have experienced huge loss and sadness in their lives. As always, thanks should go to our wonderful charity supporters and Wave 105 listeners – their generosity is truly amazing.”

For more information on Simon Says, please visit: www.simonsays.org.uk/