Security guards wearing the new body cameras

In a bid to improve customer service and ensure shoppers safety, the Dolphin shopping centre in Poole has equipped its 12-strong security team with the latest video device technology.

The discreet video cameras, which are small enough to be worn on the body, have been issued to the security guards in hope they will become vital pieces of equipment in times of an emergency or evacuation procedure, plus deter anti-social behaviour and problematic individuals within the centre.

Although the devices will not be recording at all times, guards wearing the equipment will display a badge that CCTV is in operation.

Matthew Spencer, security supervisor and a member of the security team at the centre, said: “We believe that the use of body camera technology will help improve customer service and act as a deterrent which in turn will help to reduce incidents.

“The footage can also provide additional support to the police and provide vital evidence.”

The cameras record high definition digital images in the same way as traditional CCTV systems and also record sound.

The security team has received extensive training in using the devices and will provide people with a verbal warning of their intention to record the situation, whether it’s a lost child occurrence, evacuation procedure or acts of anti-social behaviour.

John Grinnell, centre manager of the Dolphin shopping centre, who championed the idea of introducing the video devices, added: “The body cameras are a worthwhile investment in the latest video device technology offering high quality footage, including clear audio. The camera isn’t bulky or heavy, and contains sufficient amount of battery/footage memory for our operation.”