Rhino on Tinder

  • There’s only one male northern white rhino left on the entire planet, so ‘he’ has taken to dating app, Tinder, to inform people and to fundraise in the hope of keeping the species alive
  • When Tinder users swipe right to Sudan they will be taken to a UK Virgin Money Giving page which has a target of $9million to fund research with the aim of paying for IVF to build up the population of northern white rhinos again
  • The story has been featured in the national media as a great way to highlight the fundraising challenge facing the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, where Sudan lives, using the popular and often controversial app

In other social media news…

Twitter plans to broadcast videos 24/7

Half a billion people now use LinkedIn

  • It is the first time that the website has revealed how many users it has since being acquired by Microsoft for $26.2billion last year
  • According to Microsoft, the United Arab Emirates is the most connected country with an average of 211 connections per user, while London is the most connected place
  • LinkedIn has been updated this week so that users can now see stats on the site such as who is the most connected person in their network and who has the most interactions with their connections

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Credit: @Alimason and Metro