We were invited to attend the launch of Splashdown’s new ride, the Wave 105 Infinity… 

I was very excited to relive my youth and spend a few hours at Splashdown in Tower Park, Poole. I spent many a happy day there when I was growing up and I was keen to see whether it was fun as I remembered… It was! Arriving at the park I said to my colleague Cat, “I’m not going to get my hair wet.” Oh, how wrong I was! Within the first two minutes I had dripping wet hair and panda eyes, but I was surprised to find I didn’t care one bit – it was great fun remembering what it was like not to feel self-conscious and run around and have some good, old-fashioned fun!

The new ride Infinity is an evolution of the waterpark’s existing ride The Spacebowl – with a combination of music and lighting making it the first of its kind in the UK. Designed specially by Phillip Keitch of Intech Ltd, Infinity lets you choose music from a genre of your choice, before sliding into a disco, spinning round inside the disco before being dropped into a tank of water. The addition of brand new ride Infinity to 13 adrenaline-pumping slides made for fluming good fun!

There really is something for everyone – from big kids to little ones, nervous adults and keen ones! I was a little hesitant before going on some of the slides, especially the ones marked ‘extreme’ but I’m proud of myself for having a go! The heart-stopping Baron’s Revenge was particularly exciting, although my favourite was Colorado Coaster which makes for great fun when in a group – all going down in a rubber ring!

Splashdown Infinity

Infinity is just one of many improvements to Splashdown this year – there’s also Ricky’s Reef; an underwater experience for under 7’s to bring the toddler pool to life with a new 3D effect reef liner.

Opening to the public on Thursday 24th March, the new slide is just in time for the Easter holidays! Visit www.splashdownwaterparks.co.uk to book.

By Alice Rook