Liz Lean PR’s campaign of the month goes to BBC Radio 1’s #1millionhours campaign.

Launched in December 2015, the campaign aims to get young adults donating their time to work with charitable organisations. The idea being that ‘if a lot of us do a little, we can make a difference’, an hour of your time could mean the world of difference to someone in need. The four nominated charities are Age UK, Barnardo’s, Cancer Research UK and Oxfam, but volunteers can work with any charity or organisation they wish.

Currently the campaign is sitting at over 750,000 hours pledged and as part of their push for more sign ups before the end of 2016, a series of voiceovers in the style of ‘Planet Earth II’ have hit the airwaves.

“Perched up high on a stool in the kitchen, this shy but striking individual has spent the last two hours attempting ‘The Selfie’. But judging by the look on her face, none will be posted online today, maybe she’ll have better luck tomorrow.”

The tongue-in-cheek narration highlights that there are better ways to be spending your time other than finding your best angle or scrolling through a timeline.

“As the youngest of the pack sits for hours head down staring at his phone, he casually swipes his timeline looking for something interesting. But as is so often the case, his mission is fruitless and fully devoid of meaning.”

Latest figures show that Sir David Attenborough’s ‘Planet Earth II’ is currently more popular with 18 – 34 year olds than ‘X Factor’, so this style of advert is a fantastic fit for the campaign. Even the late night radio shows are on board; following episode three on Sunday night DJ Huw Stephens launched a series of playlists set to the aerial and drone footage from the series.

The tone of voice here sits perfectly with the target audience of Radio 1, and those that they wish to take part in the campaign. Recently we‘ve  developed an awareness of the content we’re putting online and how our lives are filtered for the sake of gaining more likes and follows across our various social media accounts, a topic that warrants a whole post in itself, but that’s a tale for another time!

If you’re interested in pledging time to the #1millionhours campaign, the sign up form is here.


*While there are no permanent videos or sound bites of these adverts, ‘The Selfie’ can be heard on Greg’s show here, 14 minutes in, and ‘The Timeline’ can be heard on the Breakfast Show here around the 1:15 mark.